Broken Collar Bone Rehab P2

Broken Collar Bone Rehab P2

Following a period of immobilisation in a sling, it’s important to also start to strengthen the muscles that weren’t being used during that time (see my previous post for rehab part 1 here).

Here are 3 examples of exercises that I would recommend to help strengthen the muscles around the shoulder & collar bone following a fracture. Aiming for 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps, gradually increasing the resistance.

For those who experience ongoing pain or soreness after a collar bone fracture, the pain may actually be caused from a lack of rehab leading to a poor position of the shoulder and neck which puts strain on the muscles and tendons around the area causing pain (rather than the actual fracture site once it has healed).

I recommend checking in with your Physio if you still have concerns months after a collar bone fracture for a more personalised assessment and rehab recommendations. To find a physio in your area of Australia or New Zealand click here .

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