Physio Phebe Chatbot

The Physio Phebe Chatbot is designed to help you work out what to do when you’re injured, using the Messenger app.

Open Messenger app on your phone or computer


Type in the search bar
“Physio Phebe”


Follow the prompts and select the most appropriate answers


This will guide you to the most relevant video for your symptoms

Want to know more?

Being a physiotherapist, I get asked so often by family and friends what to do when they have hurt themselves. “Should I ice it? Or should I put heat on it? Am I meant to keep moving? Or should I just rest?”


There is a huge lack of knowledge out there in terms of what you should do, or who you should see if you hurt yourself and for those trying to find the information, for example on google, it can often come back with some quite overwhelming results.


But what are you meant to do if you don’t have a friend who is a physio? Well now you can ask “Physio Phebe”.


I’ve designed a free chatbot to help guide you through injury first aid. It’s not designed to diagnose your problem, but to help you work out what to do, what to avoid, who you should see and when to see them.


So if you’re injured, try my chatbot today or follow me on Facebook for other physio tips.



  • You don’t need a facebook account to use the chatbot, you can simply download the Messenger app and register using a phone number.
  • It is designed as a guide only and by using the chatbot and the information/advice provided, you agree to our terms & conditions (see link).

If you have any questions or would like to provide some feedback on your experience please get in touch via the contact page.