Broken Collar Bone Rehab P1

Broken Collar Bone Rehab P1

I recommend checking out my earlier post on broken collar bones here before you continue.

The amount of time you will need to spend with your arm in a sling will depend on a few factors (including whether you had a surgery & and depending how the healing is going) and while there are some exercises you can do during this period, these should be individually guided by a physio (and surgeon when appropriate).

Once you are out of the sling, the main aim initially will be to regain the range of movement in your shoulder. My favourite tool to help this is an over the door pulley. They are relatively cheap to buy and are easily portable. They work by using your uninjured arm to help stretch the shoulder by pulling on the cord. The video shows 2 pulley exercises to get your shoulder moving. 

Another option is to use a stick in a similar way (using your uninjured arm to push the stick to help stretch the shoulder). This can be in the form of a broomstick, walking stick, ski pole.. (basically anything you have at home that is relatively light).

Everyone’s fractures are different and it’s important to remember not to compare your recovery with someone else’s as there are many factors that can influence your rehab progress after a fracture. As always, I recommend seeing a Physio for more tailored advice for your stage of rehab. To find a physio in your area of Australia or New Zealand click here .

Part 2 will show you some strength exercises and will touch on the common ongoing issues that may arise after a broken collar bone.

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