Taping for Elbow Pain

Taping for Elbow Pain

Elbow or forearm pain? Here’s how to tape it yourself with kinesiology tape! 👇🏼👇🏼

Firstly a little trick is to round the edges of your strips to stop the corners from peeling up. Then, position your forearm on stretch by holding your elbow straight and wrist bent down.

Lay the first 5cm of tape down with no stretch just above the elbow crease in line with where the pain mainly is (commonly this is on the outer part of your elbow like in the image), then pull the tape so there is around 50% of stretch and lay it down along the forearm muscles, laying the last 5cm down with no stretch.

Cut a smaller piece and place perpendicular to the original piece directly over the area of most pain, pull the tape so there is 50% stretch over the middle section, laying the ends down with no stretch.

If you experience any irritation such as itchiness or redness, remove the tape immediately, otherwise the tape can be worn for 2-3 days if providing pain relief.

Then if you haven’t already I recommend you see a physio for more tailored advice on what’s causing your pain and how to rehab it!

To find a physio in your area of Australia or New Zealand click here.

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