Should I Wear Orthotics?

Should I Wear Orthotics?

For an orthotic opinion I would¬†always refer to a podiatrist, but since I often get asked “should I be wearing orthotics?” my advice is this:

  • If wearing orthotics works to stop your foot/ankle/knee/hip pain, then I’d recommend wearing them! BUT in conjunction with trying to address the underlying biomechanics with exercises guided by your physio or podiatrist (then you may not need them long term).
  • If you had them as a child and you’re “just used to wearing them”, I would recommend trying to wean out of them and see if you have pain anywhere. If not, then I would say you may no longer need them! (That was me!)
  • If it’s simply because someone once said something like “you have flat feet”, then I would question if they are actually doing anything other than taking up room in your shoes!

If you’re ever unsure, see a physio or podiatrist to discuss their appropriateness for your particular situation and also keep in mind that sometimes an ‘off the shelf’ version can be a good starting point to addressing your pain, rather than heading straight to expensive custom made options.

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