Exercises for cervicogenic headache- Part 2

Exercises for cervicogenic headache- Part 2

This exercise may help those who experience headaches related to your neck, especially if likely caused from sustained positions of sitting or bending/leaning over (see earlier post here).

It aims to strengthen the muscles of the back and neck to better support and unload the area of your neck that may be causing a headache.

Start by standing with your feet away from a wall, leaning your buttocks against the wall. Then tuck your tailbone slightly so there is just a small arch in your lower back and rest your upper back against the wall.

Squeeze your shoulder blades to be against the wall (without moving your lower back position), then tuck your chin in a little and bring your head back so it touches the wall (give yourself a double chin).

Hold this position for 10 seconds. Relax and repeat 5-6 times (gradually increasing how long you can hold it for). Bringing your feet closer to the wall will increase the difficulty. This exercise is often harder than you think! Be sure to also check out the exercise in Part 1 (click here).

Remember to see a physio if you haven’t already to ensure that your neck is actually the likely cause of your headaches. To find a physio in your area of Australia or New Zealand click here.

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