Doctor vs Physio?

Doctor vs Physio?

Wondering who you should see first when you are injured? Here’s my advice..

If you have sustained an injury where you heard a noise like a crack, you can’t put weight on your limb or your pain is extreme, I would recommend seeing a doctor first/go to the hospital emergency department. They will then guide you to the physio when appropriate.

If you’re unsure if you heard any noises, you can put some weight through your limb and your pain isn’t too intense, then a physio is the best place to start. As if we then suspect it is may be something that needs a specialist opinion or imaging, we will refer you to the right person and guide you through the whole process.

If you’re ever unsure, use my Physio Phebe Chatbot! That’s exactly what it’s designed to do. It’s free and tells you who to see and when to see them! Check it out here.

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