Do you heel raise?

Do you heel raise?

FOR THE RUNNERS: Do you heel raise?

One of the best exercises to help keep your tendons healthy are isometrics. This means you are working the muscle and tendon without changing their length (holding a position).

For the Achilles’ tendon this is done by holding a heel raise. The important thing though, is that you do it in two ways:
1. With your knee straight (to target gastrocnemius)
2. With your knee slightly bent (to target soleus)
You can try holding each position for up to 45 sec (start with both at same time then try single leg) and work up to 1 min holds, once a day (I do it while my toast is cooking! )

If this is quite a challenge or you are experiencing any Achilles pain be sure to see a physio for more tailored advice.

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