Pilates or Yoga?

Pilates or Yoga?

Does your New Year’s resolution involve trying something new like Pilates or Yoga? I often get asked what is the difference between the two and which one is better? Here are my thoughts:

Yoga focuses on the mind and body. It involves holding poses using your body weight to build strength and tends to take movements to their end ranges. If you take it easy initially and work into the poses comfortably, it can be a great way to build strength and flexibility and switch off from outside stress.

Pilates tends to be more focused on the physical body, with exercises that focus on strength, control and mobility and is often targeted toward a specific goal or weakness in your body. It also often involves using equipment and can be more appropriate for those who aren’t so much interested in the mental or spiritual side.

So it depends what you think you will like! If you are rehabilitating from an injury, then I would recommend starting with Pilates (under the guidance of a physio). Doing more regular Pilates for myself is on my New Year’s resolution list!

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