Heat or Ice?

Heat or Ice?

 “Should I apply heat or ice?” The Question I get asked at least once a day. As a starting point..

❄️ If your injury just happened in the last few days or there are signs of swelling or inflammation, then apply ice to help with pain and minimise swelling (EG if you twisted your knee or crashed onto your shoulder).

🔥 If you are a bit further down the track in your rehab and have general soreness, or your pain started out of the blue one day and is more of a stiffness or aching (EG waking up with a sore neck) you can apply heat for pain relief, to help reduce any muscle spasm or stimulate blood flow for healing.

If you’re ever unsure you can use my free injury guiding chatbot which will tell you! Just search ‘Physio Phebe’ in the Facebook Messenger app or click here for more info.

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