Wrist Rehab Guide




Rehab your Wrist by Physio Phebe is designed to help you rehabilitate from wrist pain or injury, or simply help you to improve your wrist function.


Using a straightforward approach, Physio Phebe guides you through specific & easy to follow exercises that focus on 3 key areas:

– Mobility: to increase your wrist range of movement

– Strength: to strengthen the muscles supporting your wrist

– Control: to improve your wrist stability


In the eBook guide you will receive:

– A video with each exercise clearly explained and demonstrated by Physio Phebe (via an external link)

– Printable written and illustrated explanations of each exercise

– Specific program guidance including frequency & progression

– General rehab tips including when to apply heat vs ice

– Lifetime access to the guide and video


Please note: To obtain the best results, based on current physiotherapy evidence, Phebe utilises 3 key pieces of equipment in the guide:

Massage Ball

– Red Resistance Band

– Soft ball

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